printemps des comA�diens – Festival Montpellier du 4 au 30 juin 2013


original idea MichA?le Anne De Mey and Jaco Van Dormael

Marquee TheatreA� Duration 1:40

Create a world with a sandbox, four plastic snowmen, a small aquarium, a miniature train on a track … Lilliputian Kiss and Cry, is this: a world that is born from nothing three times, two fingers of poetry – this is the case to say, a dash of humor, a big ball of love …We must imagine the introduction: on the edge of the stage, all this bric-a-brac doll where ten-manipulators dancers range from one element to the other, by creating earthquakes ten square centimeters, this operating a Siberian pocket. And above, a giant screen returns to the spectator history magnified born there, live, in this laboratory both childish and ordained as a clock. The filmmaker Jaco Van Dormael and choreographer MichA?le Anne De Mey who thought this show have dubbed „nanodanse“. Nano as small. And dance as the evolution of their hands, their fingers, down in the shambles childhood up there on the creen, roam this world floating between cinema and theater. Nanodanse but great, great poetry … Kiss and Cry after the Spring at the ThA�A?tre du Rond-Point in Paris, where all performances from 19 June to 6 July are already almost complete.

Meeting Wednesday, June 5 after the performance, with Jaco Dormael and MichA?le Anne De Mey, accompanied by a tour of the scenic device.

M4, M5, J6 June 22h to 20h. V7