New Publication: FRANCE / A?ber-marionettes and mannequins. Craig, Kantor and their contemporary legacies

UnbenanntA�Institut Internationale de la Marionnette, General Editor Carole Guidicelli. Bilingual publication. September 2013. 512 pp.35a��.

This volume contains the proceedings of an international sympoium organised by the Institut Internationale de la Marionnette which took place in March 2012 and brought together specialists, academics and artists from around the world. Through the diversity of the evoked creators mentioned here (from Oskar Schlemmer to GisA?le Vienne, from Maurice Maeterlinck to BA�rangA?re Vantusso, from Romeo Castellucci to Kris Verdonck, or from Virgilio Sieni to David Girondin-Moab or Oriza Hirata…), the fascination for a theatre of effigies, where in which the signs of the life and the death are exchanged, is thus examined in ist most recent developments, from an esthetic, poetic, philosophical or anthropological point of view