BrUNIMA newsletter – December 2013, 7 : Slovakia/ The Slovak Republic


Robert Fowler writes:

Slovakia has placed traditional puppetry on ist national representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

At an official ceremony held on 24th October 2013, the Minister of Culture presented a certificate signifying this fact to Juraj Hamar, a puppeteer known to quite a few people in the UK, being the chronicler of the Anderle Family of traditional puppeteers, and his country’s UNESCO representative. This is an esssential first step before applying to UNESCO for placing on that organization’s Intangibel Cultural Heritage (ICH) list and it is a very good thing that the traditional puppetry of which the late Anton Anderle was the embodiment should now be in a Position to be nominated for the international list.

Each member state of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of ICH is able to submit one form from its national list to be included on the international representative list, a quite complicated and long drawn out procedure.

Only one Slovak item is currently on the international list, the fujara, a large bass overtone fipple flute, traditionally played by shepherds.

Slovakia was formerly part of Czechoslovakia. It is known locally as Slovensko, capital City Bratislava. Slovenia, on the other Hand, was formerly part of Yugoslavia and is known locally as Slovenija, capital City Ljubljana. Both countries are members of UNIMA.