SAMSTAG, 6. APRIL 2013, 16-21 UHR, Kinderdisco ab 17 UHR

Mit der 7. Kinderkunstnacht lA�dt die Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt ihre Besucher in die wundersame Welt von Yoko Ono ein. Hier wird man auf einen Eingang stoAYen, der gar keiner ist, einen Raum vorfinden, der nur zur HA�lfte existiert, Berge in Bewegung versetzen, und durch ein glA�sernes Labyrinth wandeln kA�nnen. In der Ausstellung „Letzte Bilder“ macht man Bekanntschaft mit 14 auAYergewA�hnlichen KA?nstlerpersA�nlichkeiten, deren Leben und letzte Schaffensphasen im Zentrum der spielerischen Vermittlung stehen.

Ein buntes Workshop-Programm fA?r Kinder ab 4 Jahren rundet das groAYe Kunstspektakel ab. Die Kinderdisco ab 17 Uhr sorgt fA?r Partystimmung im Foyer und das TABLE fA?r Snacks und GetrA�nke. In Kooperation mit dem Jungen Schauspiel Frankfurt.

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Unleashed / Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam

UnleashedA� March 29 t / m 1 September 2013

Animals in art

A motley collection of monkeys, camels and owls from 29 March to 1 September in the Jewish Historical Museum. Animals are already at historically for Jewish ceremonial objects. In the visual arts, they form an endless inspiration. The exhibition Beestenboel. Animals in art highlights the important role of animals. Work from own collection is complemented with loans from among others Artis, the Teylers Museum and Sculptures at Sea.

Students of the National Academy of Fine Arts were there animal studies with live and dead models. Jewish artists Joseph Mendes da Costa, Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita and Jaap Cheese played an important role in the Amsterdam art scene in the first half of the twentieth century. In their work, the animal played a central role. The location of Artis in the heart of the former Jewish quarter of Amsterdam has also contribute to these three names made as an artist.They look a lot of time for making preliminary studies. Jaap Kaas was even daily, and received the unofficial title „sculptor Artis“. puzzle for children For children (7-10), there is a guest available at the information desk. Children jobs way through all the animals that have been released in the Print Room. As they discover what the lion example here in the museum is doing and go in search of all animals couples! Support us and take a beast under your wing. With your help it is really a menagerie at the Jewish Historical Museum. Support us and take an animal in your custody for 150 day. You can choose from the owl (1 per day), the monkey (10 euros per day) and the lion (50 euros per day).

Malle Beasts Workshop / Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam

Malle Beasts WorkshopA� Monday, April 1, 2013 14.00

Children’s event

Help! The ark must be filled.

The ark of Noah, all the animals along, all animals of a male and female, of all animals two. But look! He is still empty … Come to the studio of the JHM Children and create together with artist Merijn Bolink your own beast before the ark. Imagine animal exhibits in the ark, so that everyone can admire your beast. The makers of the finest animals win at the end of the exhibition a beastly price. Location: JHM Children’s Age: 6 t/m 12 years Time: 14.00 – 15.30 Admission: a�� 5.- and a ticket to the Children’s Age: 6 t/m 12 years Number of participants: Maximum 12 Book: By mail. During the weekend of March 30 / April 1, you can only book through: T (020) 5310330

ConfA�rence sur Francois Rabelais

Mercredi 27 mars A� 18h00

MA�diathA?que de Brive

EntrA�e libre


ConfA�rence de Mireille Huchon, organisA�e par Les Treize Arches en partenariat avec la MA�diathA?que de Brive.

Mireille Huchon est professeur A� l’UniversitA� de Paris-Sorbonne, auteure de l’ouvrage biographique Rabelais et A�ditrice des oeuvre complA?tes de Rabelais dans la BibliothA?que de La PlA�iade.


Jeudi 28 et vendredi 29 mars A� 20h30

Grande salle du ThA�A?tre de Brive


D’aprA?s Francois Rabelais – dont le Quart Livre

Adaptation Camille de La GuillonniA?re et Jean Bellorini

Compagnie Air de Lune

Sur le plateau, ils sont treize. Si A�patants qu’ils feraient aimer Rabelais A� une pierre. Oui, le thA�A?tre peut A?tre une fA?te, Jean Bellorini le prouve, avec un talent brillant: une nouvelle A�toile, joyeuse, dans le ciel du thA�A?tre. Le Monde

A journey into „the shit of the world“ and „the madness of the world.“ A show with songs for thirteen actors-musician-workers of the scene. popular music made merry tunes as a hymn to life, survival, because here we sing and dance language and life. The craft of theater and machinery are at the center of the universe scenic …





L’Officina della FantasiaA�

Laboratorio di teatro per bambini

A cura di Federica Ferrari – Teatro Gioco Vita

Piacenza, Officina delle Ombre

3A� incontro: mercoledA� 27 marzo 2013 – ore 17

Prosegue con successo il laboratorio teatrale di Teatro Gioco Vita „L’Officina della Fantasia“, rivolto ai ragazzi dai 6 ai 10 anni e proposto in orario extrascolastico per incontrare i linguaggi del teatro e liberare la creativitA�. Appuntamento con il terzo incontro mercoledA� 27 marzo alle ore 17 all’Officina delle Ombre (Via Fulgonio 7).

Per informazioni: Teatro Gioco Vita – Teatro Stabile di Innovazione, Ufficio Scuola e formazione, tel. 0523.315578,



Le mois de la femme avec Laet, artiste peintre

Exposition des ses oeuvres dans le ThA�A?tre

Du vendredi 8 au vendredi 29 mars / de 13h A� 18h et 1h avant les reprA�sentations

Jeudi 14 mars/de 13h A� 20h (avant la reprA�sentation du „Heroine“)

Au ThA�A?tre

Last season, in March, we have sought to draw attention to the role of women in art and disparities Male / Female in the middle of the show with „The month of women in 34 days.“

Echoing this season is Laet, a young artist who lives and works in Brive, who only paints women’s bodies, we invite carte blanche for an exhibition in the Theatre.

„My training, I made it on“ the road“ I traveled and exhibited in the street to be confronted directly with those for the paint and touch „people.“

My theme has always been privileged women, probably because I think it has a lot to say and it does not say enough. I love painting in all its forms, whether physical or mental, small, big, tortured, solitary, dominant or dominated …I looking through all these women that I am? And where I want to be?

I like to create from scratch, a board found in the street, dismantled furniture, cardboard, newspaper … Technique: everything that can be done do or will, through all materials (pastel, water color, acrylic, wall painting, collage …), varying according to my desires and feelings I wish to emphasize in my work, art has no limits!

I would describe my work in three words: impulsive, matured and destroy.

I say „destroy“ because I do not want my paintings to be perfect…

The world is not perfect but it is beautiful as a woman.




Puppetry Audio Archive launched

In 1984, I first interviewed Penny Francis at the 1984 UNIMA Congress and Festival in Dresden, East Germany about the state of British puppetry. Penny is the co-founder of the Puppet Centre Trust, UK and was awarded the MBE for services to puppetry in 1998. Penny is also an Honorary Fellow of the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She is one of the initial eleven interviews which I conducted in Dresden in 1984. This interview has finally been published, along with interviews with extraordinary Convent Garden Punch Professor, the late-Percy Press Junior; Nancy Staub from UNIMA USA; Hartmut Topf, journalist from Berlin; John Blundell from Cannon Hill Puppet Theatre of Birmingham, among others, on Puppetry News here! Watch out for more of this puppetry history to follow…–lectures.html


Mehrere Jahre hatte das Pilobolus Dance Theatre mit der traditionellen Form des Schattentheaters experimentiert, bevor es diese zu einer neuen Form der Performance weiterentwickelte. Das Ergebnis war eine Mischung aus dem unverkennbaren Stil von Pilobolus und innovativen AusflA?gen auf gA�nzlich neue Gebiete. Mit „Shadowland“ erlebt das Publikum nun eine weitere, neue Dimension von Schattentanz in poetisch ineinanderflieAYenden Bildern.

„Seit seinen frA?hesten Tagen gehA�rt die Metamorphose zur pursten Pilobolus-Erfahrung. Wir sehen beides – KA�rperlichkeit und Illusion. KA�rper werden Bilder und ein Bild flieAYt in das nA�chste, poetisch, unerklA�rlich“, schrieb der Journalist Alistair MacCaulay in der „New York Times“ A?ber Pilobolus.

26. bis 31. MA�rz 2013

in der Wiener Stadthalle

Le premier potager vertical de France sera implantA� A� Brive

C’est une premiA?re en France! Un potager vertical va A?tre construit les 27 et 28 mars A� Brive.

Il s’appelle „110“, en rA�fA�rence aux 110 logements construits par l’OPH du Pays de Brive dans le quartier de Tujac. au coeur du quartier A� proximitA� de la place Jacques Cartier.

Ce jardin partagA� est nA� d’un partenariat entre le centre socioculturel Jacques Cartier, le Treize Arches et Brive Habitat. Son originalitA� rA�side dans sa forme originale: la verticalitA�. Concu entiA?rement en bois, la structure va occuper une parcelle de 12m par 8. Les plantations s’A�tendront du sol au toit en passant par les poteaux sur les cA?tA�s. La surface A� planter est ainsi multipliA�e par 4.

Ce jardin potager va A?tre implantA� allA�e Jean Ferrat, A� proximitA� de la place Jacques Cartier.

Le paysagiste Michel Boulcourt et le personnel du service des espaces verts de la ville attendent toutes les personnes volontaires souhaitant aider et participer A� la construction de ce mikado gA�ant A� partir de mercredi matin.

Pour tout complA�ment d’information d’hA�sitez pas contacter:


Responsable pA?le socioculturel et relations partenaires

Centre socioculturel municipal Jacques Cartier/ Ville de Brive

Les Treize Arches

SecrA�tariat et administration

Nos bureaux sont ouverts du lundi au vendredi de 9h A� 12h

et de 14h A� 17h30.

Place Aristide Briand-Brive